kelly lynne clarke architectural portfolio
kelly lynne clarke architectural portfolio

What draws me to architecture are the different meanings that it has for different people and the way that it can completely change how a person feels.  The following excerpt from my “manifesto” for my thesis class will help you to understand my design mentality more clearly:


Architecture is not simply a building.  A building is a system of structure and enclosure that serves a finite purpose.  Architecture is culture, ideas, relationships, all those nonphysical things that are a part of each building.  Every building has an aspect of architecture, because it has been constructed by human hands and interpreted by human minds.  Architecture speaks nothing of the quality of a building but everything about the culture and intentions of the people that constructed and use that building.  Architecture can never be finite because people are never finite.


Every man can create a building, so every man can create architecture.  What, then, is the role of the architect?  The architect must do more than simply create a building within a given social context.  Instead, an architect makes a commitment to each person that comes in contact with his building.  An architect promises that his building will not compromise the safety of those near or inside of his building.  More importantly, an architect promises that his building will meet the social needs of its users.


In order for a building to meet the social needs of its users, the building must have a relationship with each person who enters.  This is why architecture is never finite.  Each relationship will be unique and constantly changing.  Each side will affect the other: the building affects the person and the person affects the building.  An architect has a responsibility to establish symbiosis between the building and the user.


I feel that we have a responsibility as architects to create positive relationships between our buildings, the inhabitants, and the surrounding environment.  All three of these entities must work together in order for any architectural work to be a success.


I also strongly believe in the three components of sustainable development: social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability.  All three components are necessary for a lasting solution.